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Web Developers & Designers

Ryan Webb

Ryan Webb

Conversion Optimisation Consultant

Tom Garfield

Tom Garfield

Website Producer

Emma Forward

Emma Forward

eCommerce Consultant

Lewis Clark

Lewis Clark

Developer & Email Marketer

Mike McDonnell

Mike McDonnell

Web Designer and SEO Consultant

Stewart Doxey

Stewart Doxey

Web Developer

Looking to hire a Web Developer? 

Within the DMU is a small but incredible bunch of members who specialise in the design, build and maintenance of websites. With a natural aptitude for combining complex technical knowledge with the necessary skills to design and build something that both looks good and works well these are the people you may want to hire for your next website project.


Here's what we're most often asked by businesses wanting to hire a Website Developer...


What does a Website Developer or Designer do exactly?

The skillset of web devs is one of the broadest remits in the DMU.


Typically, an experienced developer will have the skills to either build a new website from scratch, redevelop an existing website, fix technical problems on a website or install new upgrades or features which would help a website to perform better.


All of this relates to adjusting the code of the website. However, while doing this, a skilled developer is also mindful of how these changes may affect the performance across other areas of marketing – such as the impact on SEO, UX or PPC.


What channels do Web Developers work with? 

​You will find that website developers will work with a small selection of different website platforms or typically work only within a certain industry.


For instance, some developers in the DMU are specialists in E-Commerce so will only work with Shopify. However, others will prefer to work exclusively on WordPress websites. Similarly, certain members have expertise in working with SME’s, while others will only work with international brands.


It can take some time to figure out which web developer would be right for you so feel free to reach out to our members with a brief to see if they would be the right person for the job.


How much do Web Developers charge? 

​Pricing for design and development varies hugely. It depends on several factors including the size and scope of the brief, the complexities of any website platforms you may already be using and the turnaround times required.


Most developers will charge per project. However, once a project is completed then maintenance packages are often agreed which take the form of a monthly retainer. Support requests outside of maintenance packages can often be costly so it can sometimes be a false economy not to have one.


Pricing will also reflect whether or not other additional resource such as

copywriting, SEO or UX work is required or whether that will be sourced separately. Finally, certain developers will only work on websites they have previously built, so a website was built with another company can add an additional layer of complexity and cost.


Want to contact a DMU Web Dev? 

If you want to reach out to any of the website designers and developers who are members of the DMU, then click on their profile to go through their website to contact them. The DMU doesn’t take a commission or fee on any projects which are successfully agreed.

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