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Social Media Consultants

Tom Hampton

Tom Hampton

Freelance Creative

Rebecca Broad

Rebecca Broad

Freelance Marketer

Alex Duffy

Alex Duffy

Social Media Manager

Tasmin Lofthouse

Tasmin Lofthouse

Content Marketer & Copywriter

Ketly Juursalu

Ketly Juursalu

Paid Social Specialist

Maria Soleil

Maria Soleil

BCorp Marketing Consultant

Looking to hire a Social Media Consultant?

Social media is one of the hardest parts of marketing to get right, so a good social media consultant is therefore worth their weight in gold. Fortunately, the DMU has several members who are able to combine a keen eye for data with extraordinary creativity to create content that keeps fans, followers and brands happy.


Here's what we're most often asked by businesses wanting to hire a social media expert...


What does a Social Media Consultant do exactly?

The role of a social media consultant varies hugely but can broadly be separated into three areas.

The first is pure strategy, providing brands insight into what social media channels they should be using, posting frequency, content strategy and creative direction. Then comes the strategic input for the less thought about areas – customer service, community management, cross-department buy-in, measurement and KPI's. All of it is critical to social media success.

The second area is focussed what would be considered social media management. This can take the form of writing content, filming video, shooting images as well as graphic design. It can mean posting this all on various channels, engaging with fans, answering enquiries both as part of day to day social media as well as for larger scale campaigns. 

Lastly, social media training is always popular, both to train new staff in managing accounts as well as to increase awareness and buy-in with the wider business.

All of the social media consultants listed here focus exclusively on organic social media. If you're looking for someone to manage Ads on social media then take a look at our member's who are paid social advertising consultants.

What channels do Social Media Consultants work with? 

​Most social media specialists will be well versed in those social media channels that have been around the longest. In other words, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Demand for X (aka Twitter) has been falling away while demand for TikTok has increased. Demand for other channels such as Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitch is less common.

Behind the public facing part of social media, each social media consultant will have their own preferred suite of tools for content creation, scheduling, community management and analytics.

How much do Social Media Consultants charge? 

​Pricing for social media varies hugely. Items that impact on price are the size of the audiences a brand already has, a brand overall targets, the number of social media channels used, posting frequency and how controversial the industry the brand operates in is.

A typical social media management package normally operates on a monthly agreement offering a defined number of content pieces to be scheduled each month, in line with the clients objectives and wider marketing schedule. For this, the prices we’ve seen range from roughly £300-£1000 month upwards per month.

If you are looking to hire a social media consultant then budget should also be available to implement their recommendations. This can include costs for hardware (cameras and mics), software (scheduling tools, graphic design packages) and additional PR (events and influencers).


Want to contact a DMU Social Media Consultant? 

All of the members in the DMU who offer social media services are free to contact. The DMU does not take any cut for a successful project agreement between a brand and the consultant. Learn more about each DMU member by clicking on their profile and visit their website to send them a message.

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