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Paid Social Consultants

Col Skinner

Col Skinner

Digital Advertising Consultant

Nicola Paul

Nicola Paul

E-Commerce Consultant

Ketly Juursalu

Ketly Juursalu

Paid Social Specialist

Philip Oppenheimer

Philip Oppenheimer

Performance Marketing Consultant

Laura McDonald

Laura McDonald

Digital Marketing Consultant

Louis Austin

Louis Austin

PPC & Paid Social Consultant

Looking to hire a Paid Social Media Advertising Consultant?

Paid social media advertising is notoriously tricky to get right. What should be a set of simple ad platforms is often anything but. Thankfully, the DMU has several highly experienced paid social consultants who are able to combine creative content with detailed ad analysis to deliver meaningful returns on your ROI.

Here's what we're most often asked by businesses wanting to hire a Paid Social Consultant...


What does a Paid Social Media Consultant do exactly?

The people behind paid Ads across social media typically have two main areas of the focus. The first is setting the strategy. The second is the implementation.

The goal with both of these though is to deliver and then grow a steady stream of high quality clicks from multiple Ad campaigns that will eventually turn into leads, sales or conversions.


Typical activities you can expect a paid social specialist to work on include:


  • Testing variables (such as headlines, thumbnails, copy, imagery and video) to see how performance is affected

  • Adjustment campaign settings and targeting options based on changes to a platforms algorithms 

  • Planning budgets and campaigns for certain periods throughout the year (such as Winter, Easter or the Holiday)

  • Reporting on results – both primary metrics such as sales and other secondary metrics such as an increase in fans or followers

What channels do Paid Social Consultants work on? 

​Most social media specialists will be well versed in those social media channels that have been around the longest. In other words, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads (collectively known as Meta Ads) and LinkedIn Ads.

Demand for Ads that appear on X (aka Twitter) have fallen away during the last few years while demand for TikTok has increased. There’s also demand for consultants to run Ads on Reddit and Pinterest.

Some paid social consultants will also offer PPC services on other channels such as Google Ads, however, given the complexities of paid social many are specialists in just this one area. Paid Social is also separate from regular social media posting. For that you will need a Social Media Consultant.


How much do Paid Social specialists charge? 

​The prices to hire a paid social media ad consultant varies considerably. Factors which influence pricing are often defined by the size and complexity of the Ad account, monthly spend and the complexities of the industry the brand operates in.


Typically, paid ad consultants services are charged for on a monthly retained basis as management and optimisation of an account takes time. However, in our experience for a UK consultant you could expect to pay a day rate of at least £600 upwards.

Prices will also vary if different services such as account audits, strategies and training are required.

Want to contact a DMU Paid Social Consultant? 

If you would like to reach out to any of the paid social advertising consultants on this page then feel free to do so. There is no additional fees or commission taken for doing so. Click the profile of anyone who might be of interest and head through to their website to contact them.

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