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About the DMU

The DMU - a deliberately small, shared society of exceptional solo marketers.


Freelancer. Independent. Self-employed. Whatever label you give yourself the common thread that runs through everyone doing their own thing is the sense of isolation that solo life can bring. 

In 2019, that's where Dan, the founder of the DMU, was at. A few years freelancing found him often without anyone around to ask tough questions, celebrate the highs or share the lows.

A Slack was started and from there a community began to flourish. Now 100 solo marketers from over 14 countries have shared over 160k messages that create a safe, supportive, and educational space that our members love.

A headshot of Alan Wanders, B2B Content Consultant

"The DMU is a rare thing. A marketing community where no one has an ego, no one has an agenda, everyone is a friend. It feels a bit special and I'm grateful to be a part of it."


- Alan Wanders | B2B Content Consultant

"When it comes to community, narrow and deep will often beat wide and shallow."

From the start the DMU has been engineered to grow in a way which is intentionally narrow and deep rather than wide and shallow. Combining ideas from modern day unions and the historic Hanseatic League, the DMU is not another freelance group full of thousands of disengaged faceless folk. 

Our focus is on facilitating deep and honest conversations about our businesses and ourselves. It helps cultivate a better business life no matter how you define it - and better results for our clients.

A headshot of Kyle Rushton McGregor, GA4 Consultant

"I've grown and learnt so much by being a part of this community. Everyone is willing you to succeed - which gives me the boost I need to continue what I'm doing."


- Kyle Rushton McGregor | GA4 Consultant

If you're a solo marketer looking for a like-minded community to join then a free 14 day trial is available. Get an authentic insight into how we work by making an application on the link below.

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