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Emma Forward

eCommerce Consultant

Emma Forward

I'm an independent, platform-agnostic eCommerce consultant with 15 years' experience. I support luxury eCommerce brands to get the most out of their eCommerce websites, through eCommerce strategy, CRO, re-platforming and managing their developers so they don't have to! Outside of work I like to chill out with my house rabbit and visit various vineyards within spitting distance of the M25.


I run eForward, a micro eCommerce consultancy where we integrate ourselves into customer teams and are transparent and democratic with our knowledge so that customers feel informed, up-skilled and reassured. We’re a data-driven eCommerce consultancy so can easily be judged on our results. We regularly increase eCommerce revenue for our customers by at least 11%. We're an agile team who delight in moulding our eCommerce services to clients' specific requirements, so are happy to form new services, such as a specific type of audit, to ensure they get the tailored eCommerce advice they need to grow their businesses, based on their specific challenges.


We offer a number of services to eCommerce clients to help them improve their eCommerce performance (as detailed here).We work either on a fixed price model for deliverables such as Conversion Rate Optimisation Audits or Request for Tender documentation write-ups, or on a retainer basis for longer term projects. We only work with a handful of clients at one time.

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