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Our Guiding Principles



Our community thrives because of members and their contributions. Offer up your time, your skills, your jokes and your insights where you can. Because the more you give, the more you’ll get back.



We’re all at different stages on different journeys. So, a kind word can go a really long way to someone who needs to hear it. We aim to raise each other up, regardless of their goals.



There’s good days in business. There’s also great days, awful days and somewhere in-between days. Either way, tell it like it is and people will thank you for it. Nobody is winning all the time.


Generosity, kindness, honesty. Cliched? Perhaps. But they are always needed, especially when business is treated as a hustle, hustle, fight for survival. A dog-eat-dog world where nobody rests and everybody wins.


We know there’s another route. One where collaboration beats isolation every time.


It brings out the best in people. It brings out the best in business.

Community Standards

Keeping it respectful: The messages shared, either as DMs or on group channels, should always show the same respect you would expect to be treated with. That means there’s a zero tolerance approach to content that’s shared which is abusive, dismissive, or offensive to anyone on the group - or anyone else online.

Keeping it real: We are a personal and tight-knit community - faceless or anonymous profiles don’t fit that ethos. Real names and real profile pictures are essential.

Keeping it private: Content that’s been created in the DMU such as articles, talks and advice should only ever be shared within the community and shouldn't be shared with others.

Community Violations

If we see or hear of any violations which go against what we stand for our aim is to contact the affected individuals as soon as possible, ideally in under 24 hours.

  • Serious violations will result in immediate suspension, removal from all channels and removal of public profiles from the website. A refund will be organised for the remaining time on the membership that has been paid for.

  • Less serious violations may involve a formal warning and/or removal of posts or replies.

Depending on the circumstances for either type of violation we will aim to follow up with all affected individuals both publicly and privately to ensure those affected are fully aware of the circumstances and what we’ve done to resolve the issue.


Reporting Issues: If you need to report anything or have any other concerns please reach out with the details you have via and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. The information you provide is completely confidential. Likewise, if you see examples of where the DMU falls short of these community standards then message us and we will do our best to resolve things.

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