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Tom Hampton

Freelance Creative

Tom Hampton

Meet Tom

October 2023, after 12+ years of working for design and marketing agencies, I took control of both my creative output and – more importantly – my time.

Those years have taught me well. I've learned from some amazing creatives and leaders and worked with some great brands, taking little and large teachings on board every day throughout my development.

I've accumulated skills and knowledge that stretch right across the online and offline design cosmos. From award-winning packaging, branding and HTML5 animated display assets to publication design, a plethora of press and OOH, wider creative campaign ideation and much more – a Tom of all trades, master of some...

I like to work closely with clients and colleagues alike. Big fan of a call over an email and have a deep, base desire to avoid disappointing anyone, whether that's a client or anyone else on earth.

Outside of my home office I spend as much time as possible trying to entertain a young human and a slightly older other half. I like to run, play football, watch football, play football manager (it's a problem), consume anything rated 8 or above on IMDB and spend time in a nice old pub with a nice old ale or two.

I'm also in the process of launching my own studio collective. So keep eyes peeled and ears wide open.

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