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The DMU: The shared society of exceptional solo marketers

Members of the DMU around a wooden table smiling at the camera

The finest way to invest in your independent career

The Digital Marketing Union (DMU) is an online membership of independent marketers. Upon joining, you’ll find a humble, generous, and tight-knit group who share the stresses and successes of solo business.

The DMU Logo: A orange circle surrounds the letters DMU

Why join the Digital Marketing Union?

For all the joys of working independently, solo life can get a bit… solo. Sometimes, you need an answer to a technical question, a sense-check on a proposal, or a place to rant, laugh or rage about a client issue.


Stitch together the office water-cooler, an industry conference, and a catch-up coffee with friends and you’ll have something close to the DMU.

A Macbook shows a Google Hangout screen with 24 people on a Christmas video call


Member-led talks about all things independence. From marketing ourselves and managing accounts to Christmas parties and GIF-offs.

2 men and 2 women in winter clothing sat outside with a black coloured dog on a bench with trees behind smile at the camera



Find a sense of true community amongst peers who take business (not themselves) seriously. We learn, grow, and celebrate in union.

A hand holds a smartphone. On the screen you can see Slack messages from Maret about WTS Festival


As well as being hugely experienced, our members are hugely transparent. The DMU is your safe space to ask serious and ‘stupid’ questions alike.

Meet Dan 

Dan is an independent search consultant, ever-improving German speaker, and the founder of the DMU. He is the perfect person to welcome you to the community.

A screenshot of Dan White - a man wearing a blue and red checked shirt looks at the camera from a white and blue office

The view from the inside

A headshot of SEO Consultant Areej AbuAli

Areej AbuAli

SEO Consultant 

A headshot of Google Ads Specialist Odi Caspi

Odi Caspi

Google Ads Specialist

"I joined the DMU whilst planning to leave my full-time job and work for myself and wow, it exceeded all my expectations.


I found a community of supportive industry peers where you can ask all questions openly without the fear of being judged. I built friendships through our Slack group, weekly virtual calls and regular in-person meetups.


I've been part of the DMU for over a year and won't be leaving anytime soon. It makes working for yourself a lot less lonely!"

"Joining the DMU is easily one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. From having a network of skilled marketers that I can share ideas with to forming actual friendships, it’s been a rock of stability in my career of recent years.


I can talk about the huge value my business has had from being a member, which is immense, but there so much more to it.


We’re here for each other and I’m glad and proud to be part of this group of humans."

A headshot of Technical SEO Consultant Adam Gent

Adam Gent

Technical SEO Consultant 

"I joined the DMU because I felt lost and alone as a freelancer in the wild. I’d tried other communities, but some were too large, had the wrong vibe or were dead quiet.


I tried the DMU and was blown away by the sense of community. A group of fellow freelancers who support each other and share their knowledge.


I’ve learned a lot and met some incredible people who are great to hang out with in real life."

A headshot of Digital Comms Consultant, Maret Reutlingsperger

Maret Reutlingsperger

Digital Comms Consultant 

"Joining the DMU has been the best investment I've made in myself since becoming self-employed and I didn't even know it at the time. I've connected with people across the world and across the digital spectrum.


The entrepreneurial, smart and welcoming nature of those who are in the DMU makes it an invaluable, safe space where we can share knowledge, work, celebrations and rants."

The coolest office you’ll never step foot in

Your membership in the DMU gives you a place to refine your own positioning, marketing, and direction. You’ll have somewhere to ask technical and personal questions. You’ll have the space to build your business, not your clients'.

Our membership encompasses all walks of life, areas of marketing, and corners of the globe. Join and tap into their unique perspectives, as well as a bounty of personal and professional insights.

Try for free for 14 days - No credit card required


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