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Shivani Shah

Content Marketer & Editor

Shivani Shah

Meet Shivani

Hello! I’m Shivani, and I tell stories. Not made up ones. Real stories about your company, your customers, and your industry. The stories that make your target customer say, “these folks know their stuff, I want to work with them”.

There are plenty of ways to do this, and I focus on the formats where I deliver the strongest stories: long-form content. This means writing and editing:

  • blog posts

  • case studies

  • profiles

  • ebooks

  • templates & resources

I’ll also work with content you already have, helping you reach a wider audience with it. This means:

  • turning blog posts to LinkedIn posts, social media content, video scripts, infographics, quizzes, and resources

  • turning podcasts and videos to blog posts and social media content

I’ve been telling stories in various formats since 2003 for companies all over the world — literally — from the US to Australia. My clients include global tech companies and organisations in education, publishing, non-profit, transportation, and human resources, among other industries.

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