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Owain Lloyd-Williams

SEO Consultant

Owain Lloyd-Williams

Meet Owain

I'm an independent SEO consultant who works with businesses of varying sizes including SMEs, startups, enterprise companies and agencies. With a strong background in writing, I consider myself a well-rounded SEO consultant and specialise in technical SEO, international SEO, ecommerce SEO and content strategy.

I also offer long-form ghost-writing and technical writing services for brands and agencies and have a niche specialism in China and Baidu SEO. I also pop up on the SEO conference, training and speaker circuit and am a regular judge on awards such as the EU Search Awards and Global Search Awards.

I've been in the SEO industry for around 12 years, entering the industry off the back of 5 years living in China where I worked as a writer and editor for a popular online expat magazine. With fluent Mandarin skills and my initial interface with SEO coming off the back of this, I occupied a niche in the field of China SEO early in my career.

Following this, I worked across a number of well-known UK agencies before moving in house; spearheading the European SEO operation for Samsung as well as being the Head of SEO for freelance marketplace site PeoplePerHour.

I work with clients on both a project and retainer basis, either directly with C-level or director-level personnel, with in-house marketing teams as well as with affiliated agencies.

Outside of my work, I run a website on wild swimming, enjoy creative writing and have a solo ambient music project where I occasionally release new music.

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