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Matt Tutt

SEO Consultant

Matt Tutt

Meet Matt

I like to think I can help businesses get found online. I specialise in providing SEO services to smaller businesses that prefer to go the personal route vs hiring a big digital agency.

I try my best to ensure any SEO campaigns are going to be targeting the right audience, ensuring your website attracts more visitors regularly and consistently from the likes of Google.

I'm keen to make sure any strategies I recommend are going to a) bring genuine results to your business, and which b) are going to be sustainable and long term. I avoid anything that may ultimately harm your website, or impact the performance of your business online.

I've worked within agencies as well as working as a freelance SEO consultant for nearly 15 years, as well as having built and managed my own websites, and so I like to think I've picked up a bit of useful knowledge along the way.

Whilst I do like to work with ethical, sustainable and green businesses, I'll judge every case on it's merit.

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