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Lois Neville

SEO Copy & Content Writer

Lois Neville

Meet Lois

Hi there! My name is Lois, and I specialise in SEO copy and content writing. I earned my SEO stripes being trained in-house at an ecommerce company. I've since branched out by myself, building a client portfolio of start ups, B2B and B2B businesses. I've now been freelance for 4 years, and absolutely love it. I went freelance at the beginning of 2020, and well... talk about a baptism by fire! Still, I wouldn't change anything about my journey here - I have been known to talk about the joys of freelancing at any given opportunity.

In terms of experience, I work primarily within the fashion and tech industries. I also have a keen interest in mission-focused organisations and charities. My clients include Nasty Gal, Depop, and BuzzSumo, among others.

When it comes to SEO writing, I take a human-first approach. Creating content that is authentic, on-brand, and - most importantly - accessible is crucial in ranking success. My primary focus with content is to answer user need, and communicate this in a clear and understandable way. Users love this type of content, so Google loves this type of content (and...I love writing this type of content!)

Writing copy that is meaningful and easy-to-parse not only works well on Google - it engages, builds the authority of your brand, improves returning user rates. I pair my work with data insights, SEO know-how and best practice. This is where the more technical side of SEO sneaks in - it's what I call the 'organising-the-sock-drawer' approach. I also edit existing content to make it more SEO-friendly, using the exact same methodology.

Outside of my work, I love growing plants, the theatre, D&D, and visiting kitchsy tourist attractions. I'm forever planning my next adventure with my friends (the 'to-do' list is pretty lengthy!)

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