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Kyle Rushton McGregor

GA4 Consultant

Kyle Rushton McGregor

Meet Kyle

I'm Kyle - an SEO and Google Analytics specialist based in the Orkney islands. I've been supporting organisations with their digital marketing for over ten years, and have really focused on SEO and Analytics over the last 8.

After living in the North West of England, my wife and I decided to move to the Orkney Islands in June 2022. It's where my wife grew but it's also about being closer to nature and a slower pace of life. Being a freelancer and being able to work remotely has allowed this and I never want to lose sight of that, which is why ensure I stay up to date and maintain my skill level.

I think one of my main plus points is being able to turn jargon into understandable nuggets of action that help to drive traffic, rankings and leads. And this is reflected in the many recommendations I have on LinkedIn.

Over the past few years my areas on concentration have honed in on:

  • GA4 audits, migrations and training

  • Content and SEO strategy

  • Keyword Research

  • Technical SEO

  • Website Migrations

I am also highly skilled with PPC - and particularly support charities with their Google Ad Grant.

I like to work with small to medium sized businesses across a range of industries. I'm also happy to jump on calls and meetings, but I always like to provide video overviews of work that I produce so that you have a record of it - and potentially even cuts down on meeting time! Often I work in the evenings, but will schedule email deliveries for the next day because having a positive work life balance is vital.

I am fully insured.

Outside of work - I really enjoy exploring Orkney and feasting on it's many treats. I'm an avid Prog Rock fan (not remotely sorry) so you'll often find me at a gig full of ageing 70s rockers. I also enjoy whisky, reading and travelling.

If you're keen to get working with a down to earth, fun and engaging digital marketing specialist, then don't hesitate to get in touch.

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