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Kevin Redfern

Freelance Google Ads Consultant

Kevin Redfern

Meet Kevin

I’m a Freelance Google Ads Consultant that specialises in lead generation and in short, it’s my job to help lower your costs while increasing leads from Google Ads!

I have been trading since 2015, and I work with any sector that needs help improving their lead generation. I’m incredibly proud to boast an average client conversion rate of 27.6% and there are no nasty surprises with my flat-rate monthly management fee combined with the ability to cancel at any time.

Why work with me?

Well, not only do you get a Google Ads expert using the best possible technology working to achieve your campaign and commercial goals, but you also get instant access to all the knowledge, best practice, workflow, and processes that I’ve learnt along the way! Let’s start a conversation and see how I can help you achieve your marketing goals with Google Ads!

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