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Geoff Kennedy

SEO + Digital Marketing Consultant

Geoff Kennedy

Meet Geoff

I'm an independent digital marketing consultant, specialising in SEO.

I've had over 15 years of experience working with clients around the globe, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations, across multiple industries including e-commerce, technology, finance, and travel.

I've spent time in both agency-side and in-house roles, as well as looking after the marketing for Sitebulb, a leading SEO tool.

These days I operate as an independent consultant, specialising in SEO audits and working with businesses to provide strategic marketing support. I balance out my digital life with working on my family's hill sheep farm.

And when I can squeeze in a little extra, I'm a judge for the Global Search Awards, have given talks at some of the industries leading conferences and events, write for various digital marketing publications, and have been a guest on a smorgasbord of podcasts.

Got something I can help you with? Want to discuss an opportunity? Give me a shout!

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