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Areej AbuAli

SEO Consultant

Areej AbuAli

About Areej

Hiya, I'm Areej! Based in the UK, I'm the Founder of Crawlina, an SEO Consultancy, where I focus on all things technical and on-site SEO. Prior to that, I worked client-side and agency-side across the property, health, fashion, retail and travel industry. The bigger and messier a site is, the happier I am!

I'm also the proud creator of the Women in Tech SEO community, a global community aimed for women in the Technical SEO field, to discuss, share and learn from one another. WTS was founded in May 2019 and since then has grown to more than 5,000 global members who connect via our online groups, as well as virtual and in-person events.

Armed with a BSc in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Information Technology, I've been in the digital marketing industry for the past decade. I'm an international industry speaker and I love sharing my stories on navigating the SEO world. I've spoken in conferences such as SMX, BrightonSEO, MozCon and LondonSEO.

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