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Alice Widger

SEO Specialist

Alice Widger

About Alice

I’m Alice and I set up Milk It Digital to help business owners and marketing departments across the UK with their SEO. I try not to bore you with SEO jargon and false promises that amount to nothing. Nope. This is a completely different approach to SEO. More transparent. More effective. More fun.

I’ve loved websites and coding for over twenty years, and I enjoy nothing more than tinkering around on the web and talking all things SEO; I get super-happy vibes seeing your websites climb up through the Google rankings, which then converts into paying clients and customers.

A natural-born creative, my career has taken some twists and turns. I started off in prime-time live event television (safe to say, I’m good with time management), then got snapped up by a music company, and finally made my way into marketing before climbing the ranks to CIM-certified digital marketing manager in London.

After a few years of city living, I left London and headed back home to the rolling hills of South Devon with my family - and that’s where I set up Milk It. Oh and don’t worry, we might be in the sticks, but I have very good internet.

I mostly work with small to medium-sized businesses and marketing departments, across B2B, B2C and ECommerce sites, across a range of industries from luxury goods, recruitment, legal, agencies, independent traders, training companies to software companies. I take the time to analyse your ideal customer and client base - pinpointing areas for improvement from onpage content to technical website changes and work with you to create a bespoke SEO strategy that truly speaks to your target audience.

And for that added peace of mind, I’m ICO registered, and fully insured.

So if you need to get seen online and get your website working for you, I can work with you or your marketing department to create the perfect voice for your company, push your message forward, make your business findable, and build an easy journey for your customers to get what they need.

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