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Alan Wanders

Content & Growth Marketer

Alan Wanders

Meet Alan

Nice to meet you! 👋

I'm Alan, a content + growth marketer living in London. I've spent the past five years figuring out what makes B2B SaaS companies grow (and what's a no-go).

My approach to growing businesses with content is pretty straightforward:

  1. I work out what your audience really wants from content

  2. I figure out which messages you should share to make your audience care about you

  3. I bring together a team of freelancers to launch the content campaign that's going to have the biggest impact on your business

I only work with B2B SaaS businesses - usually between seed and Series B - because that's where I make the biggest impact. If that's not you, do get in touch anyway, I might be able to introduce you to another freelancer instead!

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