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Tom Brook

SEO Consultant

Tom Brook

Meet Tom

Hello, I’m Tom Brook, an experienced SEO consultant and freelancer who offers customised solutions to improve online visibility and revenue for websites. I have worked with various clients, including e-commerce websites and local service-based businesses, as well as content sites, which have helped me gain a diverse set of skills and experience.

My approach to SEO is simple and transparent. I believe in delivering quick, measurable results while sharing my expertise to pave the way for online growth.

SEO is not just my career; it is my passion.

I have worked with numerous businesses, both large and small, using my technical expertise to increase their online traffic. When freelancing I only take on a limited number of projects at a time to ensure that I can invest the necessary time and effort into each one.

Currently, I am the Senior SEO Specialist for EMEA & North America at Intrepid Travel, a BCorp that runs small group tours worldwide. I am proud to work at Intrepid Travel as it is committed to creating positive change through the joy of travel. Intrepid offers over 1000 escorted tours worldwide using local guides, public transport, and locally-owned accommodations.

Before I got into the world of SEO, I worked as a Police Detective in Scotland, investigating serious and complex crimes. My experience as a detective allowed me to hone my investigative skills, which now serve as the backbone of my SEO practice and enable me to address complex challenges in the industry.

When I am not busy with SEO, I spend time with my wife and son, exploring the world and enjoying life. They inspire me to do my best, both at work and at home

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